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Thanks for posting this information. I study for th bcp-211 for a couple of weeks and did the questions in the link above. In fact i knew the questions and answers that i scored over 90% every time. I used the element K book and thought i knew that well (which i did).
The exam itself was a joke hardly any questions were similar to above link! They were miles harder and i scored a lowly 26...
How did your exam go and was it similar to the above link ?


Uh oh! Now, I am worried. I haven't taken the exam yet myself. Did you buy the test prep program, or just take the free questions? I usually like to purchase a test prep program and take those "quiz" versions over and over until I am ready to take the real test.

Also I am curious if you have work experience with BES or are you studying from scratch? Let us know - I am sure a lot of people are studying for the BES exams and would love to know what they are in for.


I work in the area of IT and havent worked for a few months. Decided to do this from 'scratch' as it is commonly used in the line of work - support side i m in. There maybe a variance in the difficulty of Q's depending on the test site ?
Anyhow its difficult even trying to find anywhere to get hold of test prep - pointless going to a site who may just gobble your money up!

Unless you can think of any :)

Will delay this exam until fully prepared to do myself justice...will try even harder now!


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