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Of boy, however this gold Be small to open to always feel that having a little is different, he not because own looks but strain, pour to seem frightened that oneself beats him is similar-although it is said he really had the meaning to beat him yesterday.

Have discover an elder sister of embarrassed-like in shape, lie prone to on a ship took a look a Zheng to wear eyes the Du that don't talk to fly, then twist head to ask a way to Chen Mei.

"Is alas!"Hope the surroundings acquaints with of building style, the solid Lun does obeisance to cannot help but sighing tone.Didn't return to Europe for several years, again return at this time, the mind in his heart was complicated to get hard speech to say.

Didn't know as well to actually absorb how much silver light, Mu Ba finally stopped absorption, steady settle down.The gold is small to open to know this thing to be to have already been activated, then and gingerly know own absolute being to explore into.The Mu expects inside of space is very unusual, maybe not can call it as space, there are no time and the concept of space there, but a kind of beyond expression unreal energy!This kind of energy differs from a gold small open any energy-dollar known of the dint, vitality of dint, mentally dense ……but is a kind of geezer more weird strength!

"Is alas, the matter arrives at present, the mother doesn't want to deceive you as well, we say to the hall!"See the appearance that son's daughters are all get excited, the summer blares snow heart in very delighted, and Du's flying has been already appeared now, she then decides to speak the affair in those early years.

"Wu, that was the different race civilization for falling behind to arrive at the forerunner's civilization world, perhaps we will be closed to regard as a giant panda to appreciate ……"

At that moment a small butterfly flew across the path in front of us.'Excuse me,Dr Watson,'shouted Stapleton,and ran off to try to catch the butterfly.He ran quickly and fol lowed the butterfly on to the marsh,but he knew exactly where he could go,and was not in any danger.

Proper forget hesitant of time, Wu Tian suddenly opened mouth:" Forget, you don't want to take care of me and take the jade walk, had an opportunity hereafter and killed these beasts again to my reported ……E!"Wu Tian just one openings, those bandits still thought that he compromised, who knew but spoke so some kind of words, temporarily rise the guy of making the rebel chief, angrily one feet poured his Chuai.

"This?"The attitude that the Du flies lets Ma Jun's line eat a surprised, however need once the way of thinking that presses the Du to fly later on think, before he has to admit, the problem thought by him, fly to see in the Du, really is all some unworthy a lift of small matter, as for say he these matters in eyes why will be thus important, can explain to 2 people of fix to stand for dissimilarity, treating problem of angle also dissimilarity.

"!"Lee widely feels that oneself imitates Buddha moment from heaven drop into a hell, that the felling for hurting to the marrow absolutely let his pain not the desire living, but that warm current didn't stop, or continued to pound at, let him understood what is one degree second like year!

"That's right!"The card pulls cock-a-hooply after the gold small beginning crest flew 2 turns and spoke a words that makes him just a little have some to have peace of mind:"However you are complete need not frightened, have me the card to space out a person to beside protect you, a little bit more absolute problem all have no!"

Looking at a wager table center moment Lei rise of 30,000,000, the Du flies some regretses in heart, the kid of their orphanage still just Wen Bao is on-line to struggle, but these guys spend money like water here, he still keeps winning their money to come over to help children and also at last accumulated some secret good deeds for them.

"What about those who smuggle?"Go on board, stepped on the solid land, be swayed Lee Dan Shu to immediately come to spirit for three week and curiously think the Du flies to ask a way.

"Not!"The gold in huge absolute being AN is small to open be also exploded to hurtle to°from the underground an earth's surface, but princess Zu who sees a summer make moves to ruin to fly boat of that for an instant, all have no dint to rescue.A violent heartache feels to is full of the whole chest that the gold is small to open, he can feel own of the breathing of the younger brothers for an instant all disappear almost exhausted, this made him hate to die distance not of that summer princess Zu.

That a group of people walking gait is steady, in the middle is a summer clansmen youth, the identity seems to be very highly respectable, surroundings of person like many star arch month sorts round his Long betwixt.

" Jade, let me come."See the jade Be some to can not move it, the Du flew to stretch hand to embrace Wu Tian's corpse body and pulled jade, walk to go home.

Time leads very quickly and turned an eye to end this semester, boy and girl, they are all going back and forth they's house.The boy knows that the girl wants to compare him to leave a campus one step early, on this day a night of boy don't sleep, he at miss a female the says to the Hai what.the boy hesitate to also really worry very much(be worried that the girl returns to refuse him?)He often stare at to put at him nearby of cellular phone screen, what word should he beat in the top?Can his worried to still up beat these nine word "s tomorrow take bus I send you good " ?(He and she can really be like these nine word similar everlasting, ability really?)He how hopes. he looking at these nine words of cellular phone screen, all always and still is hesitating(what is he still hesitating?Time already not much!)He should send out she?When the boy hesitates of the heart haven't indeed settled down, but he carelessly pressed to arrive the key that the cellular phone " sends out " . but he sees by that time already too late, the cellular phone screen has already shown that the " sends out successful " (probably say this is strangely fits, rather say to is a heavenly arrangement, be not!)

"Your pouring is to have confidence to you!"The heresy dollar humed 1.

Get hurt of drag along thunder to send back the defense turn of huge turtle light monster inside, toward to butcher a big dragon to loudly drink to scold.The gold is small to open and suddenly discover to drag along thunder that being carrying a hand is dark to make signal, but faces his Tu Da Dun Long but can not see.Notice the signal of dragging along the thunder, several individuals who stay to guard on the empty boat silently release a weapon of small cannon shape, and move the shell is to a few sign lines and pack after going into a shell aimed at to butcher a big dragon, prepare dark sneak attack.

"Like, you return to Cang Luo, take good care of them!"The old orders many youths.

"What are you dry?"Although Qian Jing flew in front to show in the Du she is a chemisette awkward and shy, see the bewitchingly beautiful girl that that whole body have corpse exposed to dress up, also have her three tall and big in stature big fellows at the side of bodies,is to have no a so good temper, cold drink one to ask a way.

Sealing the Ling didn't use oneself to really annoy to do alimental fondness for, one because is pure is wasted, furthermore because there is no lingering charm, lose the felling for enjoying for eating, end be because is more soiled, the greasy dirt very easily glues on the body and feels not pleasurable.

Water is pure to work properly to look to seem to be a bit anxious, seal to traverse very surprised, see seal a Ling back, water was pure to work properly to seem to loosen

Can taking also run so quickly?"

Thunder war drum in the sky at the moment has already completely presented appearance:A white light ball that revolves around to only take afloat before the small gold opens chest, but the Huan wears thunder drumstick in the sky of numerous sign lines then and appears among the right hand that is small to open in the gold now.There is the match of these two things, bite a treasure thunder war drum's finally developing for sky it is that strong unique power.

hey have invited me,too,'I reminded him.

"Silence!"The old soldier sees the Du fly 3 people to head for inside the city, know this matter so pass by, is just wanting in mind loose one breath, but don't defend to hear young soldier's ground ask words, immediately the facial expression greatly changes and hurriedly makes a noise to reprimand angrily to his way.

Of the work of the words someone deal with it, the Du flies naturally lazy must say that those make people rise the words of chicken skin pimple again, to have no falsely an arch hand one gift after, then walked to returned the place of 138 squads gathering, left those four squad long round have no a falsely left right flattering of 1.

Liu Sheng Xiao time although the Lang was born at Liu Sheng's household,he has been leaning against Liu Sheng's household extremely bossy, have never met as well at ordinary times what hard idea.On listenning to a bearer fiercely mention him now, back not from some deliver soft, the along while could not say words.

Although the gold is small to start to make very and quickly,that fierce monster card pulled to still feel in advance that the crisis appears!Along with a rant, the 1 F blood-red color protects the cover is from that card pull Shan of body now but, will it prison ground in the prison protect at in the middle.Only what thunder war drum in the sky sends out that blue light pike spirited have no, and still the extremely seldom seen sound offend, that blood-red color protected a cover to just block for an instant, immediately and then"Bo" ground 1 be deeply worn!

"Afterwards everyone just knows, Huang Tong Dao person the mistake took the medicine wine that the bubble has deep slumber Dan on that day.But after some kind of surveys

"Is uncle Sun what is up?"The jade opens mouth to ask a way at the male. google.com

See after joy Zhong escape to be grasped back, the green jade precious jade know that this may save.Appreciate in the heart under is just wanting to fly to thank to the Du, but hear the old hatred that the Du fly to thus and frivolously start to ask them, in the heart not from one Nu, loudly way:"Please put to respect some, teacher in the house is harmed by the bad guy, not what divertive affair!"

Before decade as long as being a look like age kid, in spite of understanding, we will soon get along well;The decade only separates behind computer screen, we would have no to have regard for ground to say:"How do you do.Is it all right to have a chat?"But to nearby of the person turn a blind eye.

Chose to like clothes, forget to let the attendant wrap all clothes together, then put into another basket, use rag one cover, then started to pay, under the vision that boss's wife one feel sorry for in a hurry left a clothes store, rush through to 30 Gas out of the inside reach Zhai.

"What background does that this ring have?"This frost of the at the thought of fat boy works properly Ding, is that he quits in this Hao source fairy in find out of, the Du flies to the words of fat boy not from believed for several cents, hence then make a noise to cross-examine a way.

Then teach a person, say that you also led to do martial gold age now again, doing can't have, either to much and greatly achieves."

The circumstance observed nearby, Ma Lyu Dan is dark to call by luck, because hit to pour this tree of his, at the right moment have two furcations to pay at ground up, otherwise his chest will be on the spot hit into minced meat,

"The article star Yun iron in a cake of adds a Pei baby Dan and add a piece of low grade Qiao again stone."The air in the big palace after condensing the good short while expect to manage to prepare to declare a heart chain the Jue destroys an article for clean soil Zong Pai's in luck after the gold Dan of on the stage, the staff of raging flames religion is suddenly wrinkly the eyebrows reported a price.

After Lin Wan Er arrives at precipice crest, Du's flying has already realized her, however thoughting of this young girl may be a Peng rather the pupil of their income, then also have no how to care, directly take Lin Wan Er to fly to come up.

2, together count plank:Entering assembly hall has to sing, the some brigade doesn't want to downwards drag along

"You often in the top of hill self-discipline, year's the words of Tu of this kind of craftiness is ten thousand ten thousand can not believe!"Hear the salute of four elders, dust wonderful old way time 1, let those four gold Dan elders all disgrace to get red in the face, turn but toward Du to fly to glare at.

"Ka Ca!"The gold is small to open to feel spreads on a burst of play earthquake of arm, if double arm Yuan tearing to pieces sort acute pain is matchless, the whole body immediately and involuntarily and repeatedly retreats several steps.When he responds to come over, this just shockingly discovers-thunder hat the benefit claw on the hands, unexpectedly and all without exception break!

"I and this young lady want to go in a dining, can your bellboy but say that the restaurant doesn't receive a student.I have ever been to a lot of western restaurants as well in France, but had no in a restaurant to once hear to have this kind of rules!"Seeing an arrival one can main matter of, the Du flew to directly express his disaffection.

"Senior you want me to go where?Here front not wear the village is behind not wear store of.Even if want back to float to living a valley also already very late, the place of front doesn't know how long to find out a somebody else as well."Dream son according to say.

By so doing cloth the step of the officers and men not from of appeared messy status, seven killed to immediately peep out flaw, although only is all some weak flaws, at big this eyes that waits person in how may easily pass, sees his double Zhang a push a spirit wave vacillating peep out in the facing of the flaw shot go.Leaf's singing breeze is as surprised as Li Jun Yi, two people put all ideas at real strenght super unique big body up, but two people ten thousand ten thousand have never thoughted of these 4 to look like too frail to stand a gust of wind beautiful woman be have to kill to harm dint most .The spirit wave that sees the male Hun of big will shot at seven kill on, the leaf sings a breeze body form one exhibition good big Peng exhibition wings general facing that flaw rush toward to go, body's in mid air of he has already started to transfer the capability of whole body to prepare to give it a gamble.

"The clan is long wait a minute, " is listenning to perfect if after mixing up with the speak of fury Tong, five other elders all fill with righteous indignation, in succession support a clan long left for Mo Chou Gu and beg for a parlance, only want a wise and farsighted person the big elder of fish clan put forward objection.

"But elder generation's before and clearly once praising this is a good island!"Found out the place of problem, but the D mountain sank in to confuse in, think to after wanting and going to, he can get a conclusion, that is the Du to fly kind change.Previous viewpoint, leave to probe at them of this for a while took place to change, so the D mountain that flew loyal under charge for the Du from the Xu, at hesitate a burst of after walk to the Du to fly an in front small track, "be the elder generation to have to this island what dissatisfaction?If don't like of words, we can also go other islands."

Verification the white Rui Mo is still expecting a Si gram in London at this time for a while Wei Er manor in, "the Holmes say."I will give at expect a Si gram Wei Er white hair of Rui Mo of the manor seal telegram, say:'Have already got ready everything for Henry's jazz?'Then, I seal telegram for the post office hair of the region again.This top says:'Mr. Mo's telegram duty of giving out the white Rui hands over it.Such as if not at, please send Henry once ·Ba Si Ke Wei Er jazz.'I then enclose with the hostler address that you stay.Evening ago we then would know white Rui Mo at is not in German county."

The jade market extended a lot in the city planning of nearer year of Teng county, taking over to also fix could block breeze to hide rain of beautiful crest Peng, each booth also did the programming of science, let the whole jade market look clearness many.

Follow that to hold group pupil, the Du flies 4 people to arrive at an adytum.There is the pupil that many three parties hold a group in the adytum just at busy, but the held group pupil to then take Du to fly 4 people to arrive at a gold Dan expects of the staff in front.

"Indeed as expected don't suffer a los!"The Ni can looking at Du to fly before the body of grow a dragon, there is also buffet top that the scene of the complete absence of callers, inwardly funny way in heart.

"Useless talk!"Summer crazy facial expression a sink a way:"The pain of Lao Tze so long, do you want to say to give up with me now?"

That only takes an Ultrasaurus to really have no hard not Cui, because what it contains is few ten thousand yearses of endless energy backlog, that basically isn't the thing that the general means can resist, even if the gold is small to open to open the third eye, if there is no suitable weapon, can not impede at all as well.

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