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"You descend to orderany all of the pupils in door to return to mountain, after waiting all pupils to come back, open Zong Men Da Dun mountain, life all pupils can not come in and go out without authorization!"The purple true person after finishing delivering summon a jade card then turns a head toward Hong hero order way.

Someone who makes you laugh

This book is finally to come to an end for the time being, thanked some friends to come this half year of support, originally I started writing the time of this book is also by dint of passion of a son to novel, having never thought as well oneself could write a what title, see to me is really also very quasi- to own estimate now, at least this book I ain't very satisfied either by myself, probably I isn't suitable for and compose novel, probably is I didn't find out is suitable for I and compose the way of novel, no matter how it is, say I or wrote more than 1,200,000 words, this is I by myself also didn't once thought of of result, although I also really want to make a contract and take one more wages and even test this and have a meal,seem not and greatly may, anyway I was dead this heart, still kept thoroughly working, wrote some word and was regarded as development every day interest to love all of a sudden.

Arrive land so 2 people can be buried in this boundless ocean

After a month, he silently lost 10 catties.

"Did you just want to kill that elder generation?"Do not realize old slowly of doubt, the old piece continues to flustered and frustratedly ask a way.

"BE, president you!"Although the defense secretary is some to feel suspicious at ordinary times pre-eminent Ba Na Niu how suddenly be like had no physical strength, however the circumstance is urgent now, he get agreeing with of Ba Na Niu behind also have no time think more, immediately end converse, enter upon Anne to set up.

Along with that white light of dissipation public and surprised detection white under the light of the leaf sing breeze and Li Jun to unexpectedly disappear to be missing.The big as Shi Shu Zhe is also a gape:Originally the yin and yang Shu displayed by him has a little similar the sorcery fastenning at the space greatly moves to move Shu, but this yin and yang Shu was complete fixed position, with big of original meaning wanted to sing a leaf the sunshine domestic of breeze transmission to carry on a research.But because Lee handsomely burst upon but make this yin and yang Shu appear deviation, is also now leaf's singing breeze and Li Jun completely probably be delivered to in a certain position in a waste of water.The big behaves always careful caution, he absolutely can't allow a have a big gold just divine power of the person grew up, even if this person's body suffers from severely wounded and deeply sinks in the boundless ocean now.Thought of here of the big whole body gives a long whistle and towards the yin and yang teacher of under charge and four the females say:"Walk!"Finish saying a later incarnation form one exhibition facing the Zong in sea jump but go to.Soon fall into in the big aquatic time sea surface up immediately the big waves rise everywhere, the huge monster in a black is rapid of rise from the sea water, four country allied troops of public settle once the Jing see immediately pour to absorb an one mouthful air conditioner, see whole body body good islet but grow nine monsters of snake head to be steady to steadily answer the big.Because the big withdraws to walk, sunshine country the person who hasn't died in battle also quickly leaps onto strange body of that sea on.

"Those matter you don't want to know, knew not on the contrary good."The Du flies to shake, and then change direction plum way, " from now on if someone starts to ask you, you say you stunned at that time, didn't see clear my appearance, saying is a bushy beard have been already gone.You don't are getting more foolish here, either now and return to Xie first."Say the Du flies from the Dou in took out to several EUR 100 pass to plum, " you say that bushy beard guest to want to talk some matters with Li Chao alone when the time comes, these are to give to beat

The gold is small to open a brain in working one Shan, pleased way:"Is it!"Forbiding the machine is a kind of strong weapon, the power of this kind of that the thing can break out, completely lean against the energy that inside contains of how much decide.The gold was small to open before make use of of forbade the machine golden light sign line, Tan round the sovereign Liao Kao made use of by, after all absorbing energy for several ten thousand yearses would have so violent power.He takes now of this forbids machine blood emperor although inborn top be not what top-class forbid a machine, if just prepare 1 time use, that affirmation can break out to far and far outrun the power of imagination!

Rainy day mire, snow road in the sky slippery, he will habitual ground hand those recklessly very naughty kids and Chan to hand to act inconvenient blind man and that this ascended age of old man.

Chapter 3 sacrificial rites eve(next)

Our plan gets married on November 9, the lunar calendar in that day is a nice day."Make reference to here, whole is happy on Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De's this meeting face.

At the moment on the battlefield a circlet near the edge son inside, more than ten youths are meeting together into 1 turn, resisting to around spread piecemeal an attack.Because they act all more low-key, so also have no how to draw other enemies attention, look very safe.However these more than ten youth body the top all have already activated to bite Tui A, although the strong or weak is each not same, explain at least that they all have already come to a the level of third rank, the whole real strenght has already been regarded as very strong.

"Want go to elder hall report?I is a few days ago go out, there is no report at the elder hall."Hear the noise of shouting that leads the way emissary, the Du flew to stop a step to twist an explanation way.

'We shall hide behind these rocks,' he whispered.' Watson,you know the house,so I want you to go forward and look through the windows.I want to know where the Staple tons and Sir Henry are,and what they are doing.Take great care,because they must not know that somebody is watching them.'

"Boon."The Du flies a point to nod, then the vision changed direction a window outside, dark way in heart, see to want the matter that as early as possible return to Z country to revenge ended up in nothing, still have to be foolish in Europe up a day.

They walked from lover's precipice, this time, more rambling.End, don't know is who say, anyway is one dead, with it we die at another place, not equal to die in the home.

This world is that the color is rich in hues.Forest of green, Gobi desert of Huang, snow original white, ocean of blue, these aren't only a color,

Is every to speak up, want to pay attention to reputation first, cheat a dishonest speech, can can be carried out forever in the society?Words say much and rather to say littlely, the all things is actually true at, don't speak some impractical deceiving words, moreover, the speech of crafty evil specious argument, dirty coarse phrase sentence and group of ruffians popular tone, all want to be practical to give out.

"Are you to want to get the asylum of gang?"The old tip of brow is a , some interrogatively ask a way.

"Strange affair.Last time come of time seemed and then have never seen any guard

Thought of here, the Du flies heart in not from some feel sorry for, however waiting title to see top in that strange stone the absorbability has already musted become the best of mullock to work properly a stone, in his heart suddenly on moving, want to don't think as well, take out to morely work properly a stone from the concealed bead space, prepare to again lend an in the moment strange stone to attain that the state of the clear Wu.

The dollar baby expected monk.The Du flies not refute somebody else's face, arch the arch hand return to gift and then signal hint Qiu Ye Liang people to lead the way.


Deny to decree by destiny with of a see."

The son , once having influence, also needed to worry a lot of affairs ……very troublesome."

"Boon."Flowing the left Feng area of cloud mountain is very large, the Du flew to feel for a while, here spiritual influence indeed as expected very strong, compare it at the beginning him is not bad either in the Luo sub- apex!Satisfaction of order, the Du flies to signal hint the pupil in two territories to take him to enter hole

The monster person is a life among"monster boundary" of living creature, have the social appearance of integrity, so just can call it as "person", only and in shape and more Be approached to the fierce beasts of nature existence.Their strength is strong, there are some special ability of even still having, so even if is the mankind of Qin Di's space and Ding space in the sky, don't dare as well to easily provoke these monster persons.

"This nothing important.However the sky vitality hardest realizes, among them, the Lu evil stone in sky produced is also several thousand around ten thousand years of can not discover a cake of ……your hand in of this piece of, not only the quality is pure, and the physical volume is still so big, obviously is a top-class article among them."

Five, comb hair for wife

However at the moment if the rat sees the Du fly to float on the sea surface, the slightest didn't come down the meaning of the war, then once the plump body turn and arrogantly bump to open 11 the large mermaid of Rao not, the facing sea surface upper stream goes.

"Seem again go abroad a !"Think around, the Du flies to feel to seek on the Pacific Ocean an islet closes the border to break most accommodation, there leave Asia or Europe no matter, all more far, can't someone come to bother.But wait to break a dollar after baby expect again return to country, that is if Wu Dang again want to ask for trouble, believing to keep in mind the true person of bamboo will definitely choose to protect him, because increase one bit the baby expect of monk, mean group real strenght huge to build up!

Hear rather the invitation of Peng, pure Huang 4 people immediately noodles now difficult color, whet Ceng ground not to talk.Obviously would not like to descend a sea adventure.See this act, rather the Peng isn't livinged an angered idea by heart, the chest annoys difficult even, loudly irony settle Huang several 4 people after, then and without telling anyone walk to the seaside, prepare one personal bottom sea save Du to fly.

The YG tower Si hotel similarly belongs to a hotel in the group of tower Si, the Ni can be part-time at the same time here of old total.Because was a working time at that time, Ni can as long as unwilling to partly flying on the tower Si hotel for Du to want a room, let him left and waited until to get off work in the afternoon, then and immediately the no time for waiting ground drove to make track for to come over.

Haven't waited the Wei talk, that monster is again one to roar, facing 2 people Be fierce to rush toward since then.

Because she gradually feels, oneself fancies him.

Dream son according to care nothing about of nestle is sealing a Ling nearby, seal to traverse to also only have no alternative to this appearance of accept, speak at the heart, dream son

Chapter 24 robs to kill

Although what to press down is shadow but that wild and blazing breathing falsely is true existent.No one will doubt these falsely shadow bring of destructive power.When nine orange red of falsely the shadow press down behind, that six long grass stars also immediately became baby blue, nine baby blues of falsely shadow along with orange red of nine falsely shadow press downward.The baby blue is a jade-green color after, the end is a soil yellow, each color is nine falsely shadow press down, totally 36 falsely shadow take four kinds of different breathing to press down.

This Du flies the target of task and lives in the northern region of Finland.Because have already gone into a winter now, Finland is placed in the northern region of inside of circle in North Pole, may the severalth of not the sun, this for dislike the blood-sucking vampire of sunlight but the speech is absolutely heaven.

Before dividing a soul, the Du flew and then around deployed in the quiet room a turn of defense strategies.Divide a soul in but can not stand the least bit interference, he doesn't want to therefore wither, or become stupid fool.

"Stop!Hand over into a city tax!"Because the Du flies three popular qualities towering, they early draw the attention of defending city a soldier.See now they want into city, one looks some childish soldiers to immediately come forward to roar a way.

"Is so!"The Louis Si hears the Xu that the Du flies say, in the heart not from a burst of feel chill, if not that the Du flies on the spirit that lived the west Wei Er of the turning point crest to cast a glamour, and a knife die an enemy, that now the pupil that he sends to the great and earnest hope, have already become akin one member!

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